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Laura Patterson

CEO / Esthetician / PMU Artist

Working in Bozeman MT & quarterly in Gig Harbor WA



  • Graduated from the Euro Institute Of Skincare in WA State

  • Certified in Microneedling with Dr. Lance Setterfield

  • Certified in HIFU & CLEAR by SkinSheek 

  • Brow Babe Certified in Microblading with Rachael in Vancouver BC

  • Sugaring Certified with Sugar Of The Nile

Pilar Feldbush

Master Esthetician


I started out specializing in sugaring hair removal as well as provide top quality Advanced Skincare Treatments, Permanent Make-Up, and Skin Tightening/Body Contouring Treatments.  I take a lot of time researching the products I use, participate in continuing education and technology to stay up to date.  I aim to perfect my craft and never stop learning with continuing education.   Taking pride in giving clients the best experience I can in all the services I am providing and their personal experience with me.  I believe that being a great esthetician & PMU artist is not just about providing a great experience but also building a great relationship with each client. 

Laura's Story

I'm Laura,  Esthetician since 2016 and owner of Karelia Skincare & Medical Studio.  I have always loved serving others and making others feel special.  After 4 years of college and fashion design I decided to go back to school for esthetics where I can blend those two passions of mine. When I moved back home to Washington from California I opened up a small fashion boutique in Bellevue in Old Town.  It was such an amazing experience with red carpet events, ball room dancing, a buyer and designer of my own line.  I made my own designs for my ball room competitions which led me the opportunity to design for world champion dancers.  Also being asked to be a part of Seattle Style week picking the top 10 designers 3 years in a row. What happened? 2008 crash happened and sadly had to close the doors.  A lot happened in between the time when I made the plunge into esthetics.  I always had a love for nutrition and skincare because of my sensitivities.  Everything I put on I would break out into hives and I was extremely frustrated.  I also knew that ingredients in skincare can and will alter your hormones.  I made the plunge and here I am today with my own esthetic and permanent makeup business Karelia Studio.

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  • Graduated from the Evergreen Beauty College Master Esthetics Program.

  • Licensed Phlebotomist

  • Licensed CNA


I have been passionate about skin care for as long as I can remember. I suffered severe cystic acne up until I was 30 years old and know first hand what a toll our appearance can have on both our emotional and psychological health. My goal as an LME is to connect with each client, help them overcome those same struggles and improve their self confidence while recognizing the beauty that is within us all. Some of my favorite services are microneedling, dermaplaning, lash lifts and the art of sugaring! One of the common misconceptions about esthetics is that it is vanity and I completely disagree. I firmly believe that caring about our skin is not just vanity, it’s about improving our quality of life. 

Pilar's Story

My name is Pilar and I am a Master Esthetician. I put 100% into everything I do and truly enjoy helping those around me. It was this willingness to help others that made me decide to pursue a nursing degree and take courses towards meeting those requirements. After obtaining my Nursing Assistant license in order to meet one of the pre-requisites, I began working as a CNA in a hospital. About a year or so into that occupation I began to realize that nursing was not my path, but was unable at the time to return back to school to pursue any other education. After 10 years serving patients in hospitals, my opportunity finally came when I was able to follow my passion in Esthetics. I feel so blessed to have found my new home by joining the team here at Karelia! 

Meggan Solfest

NP | Medical Director | Health Coach

Meggan will be based out of the Gig Harbor Location


Meggan is a Certified Health Coach and NP.  She is looking for women that are seeking assistance to navigate maturity and happiness, so they can transition out of people pleasing, feeling lost, unhealthy and insecure into feeling confident, motivated, strong, and loving themselves. I support them in finding their independence and reimagining what partnership means in their life so they don’t believe they have to rely on someone else to have what they want and be worthy of love. 


Meggan also works on gut health and will be running blood work to determine what supplements are needed to improve gut health which then affects the skin.   At Karelia she will be doing in person or zoom one on ones.