The new standard for Skin Renewal Therapy for medispa treatments and advanced medical procedures all in one system.. Naturally!

Saltfacial Before & Afters


What is a SaltFacial?


The SaltFacial is a revolutionary three-step treatment that uses all-natural sea salt exfoliation, aesthetic ultrasound and LED phototherapy to restore, replenish and rejuvenate the skin.

The patented three part process turns back the hands of time by first preparing your skin with all natural sea-salt skin exfoliation, followed by deep penetrating ultrasound that delivers hydrating antioxidants and finally healing your skin with high-intenisty LED light therapy.  All this is delivered in one treatment that is quick and painless for unprecedented results. You will see a difference in just one treatment without irritation and downtime. It is the next level in advanced skin renewal therapy…. Naturally!

This patented system is qualified as a medical multifunctional device (class 2) and is specifically designed to improve the texture, complexion and color of the skin at the highest level of safety.

The SaltFacial Sea Salt Benefits

It offers deep cleansing while opening up your pores. Sea salt also reduces the oiliness in your skin, while at the same time, balancing your body's oil production, creating an overall more even skin tone. It can improve your circulation, hydrating your tissue.

An “Aesthetic-Medical device” that delivers All Natural results and is:

  • safe for all skin types

  • powerful enough to perform a wide variety of medical skin procedures 

  • gentle but effective for medi-spa non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatments


Saltfacial Face - 350

Saltfacial With Hands - 400

Saltfacial With Neck - 450

Saltfacial With Decollete - 495

Saltfacial With Neck and Decollete - 595

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