I have been passionate about skin care for as long as I can remember. I suffered severe cystic acne up until I was 30 years old and know first hand what a toll our appearance can have on both our emotional and psychological health. My goal as an LME is to connect with each client, help them overcome those same struggles and improve their self confidence while recognizing the beauty that is within us all. Some of my favorite services are microneedling, dermaplaning, lash lifts and the art of sugaring! One of the common misconceptions about esthetics is that it is vanity and I completely disagree. I firmly believe that caring about our skin is not just vanity, it’s about improving our quality of life. 

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My Story

My name is Pilar and I am a Master Esthetician. I put 100% into everything I do and truly enjoy helping those around me. It was this willingness to help others that made me decide to pursue a nursing degree and take courses towards meeting those requirements. After obtaining my Nursing Assistant license in order to meet one of the pre-requisites, I began working as a CNA in a hospital. About a year or so into that occupation I began to realize that nursing was not my path, but was unable at the time to return back to school to pursue any other education. After 10 years serving patients in hospitals, my opportunity finally came when I was able to follow my passion in Esthetics. I feel so blessed to have found my new home by joining the team here at Karelia! 


Are you ready for a skincare journey to beautiful glowing skin?