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What's New in 2022


We continue to strive to stay cutting edge to bring on the most updated products, protocols and equipment to bring results that are safe with thorough research and continued education.

Saltfacial: the first medical grade facial device ever! We are the fist to bring it in Gig Harbor WA and Bozeman Montana.  The results work from the inside out and is a Clinical Treatment with a Spa like feel.

Cherry Financing: It's what a lot of Med Spa's are turning to and you will see why! There's no Hard Inquiries, Easy to Use,  Approval rates are high,  Approved up to 10,000k, we can send a link through text and email and will happen. Reach out to us for more information or are interested.   

Lot's of new exciting changes are happening this year and we be sure inform you!

Cancellation Policy

The time you schedule is reserved exclusively for you. When appointments are missed, or cancelled with insufficient notice, we're unable to fill the vacancy, causing substantial financial impact to the business. To book you must have a credit card on file. 

  • To cancel or reschedule your appointment we request 48 hour notice.

  • Arriving more than 15 minutes late for your appointment it will be considered a cancellation. 

  • Cancel within 48 hours we will apply a $50 fee. 

  • A no show no call will result in a charge of equal to 80% of the schedule service. 

  • Repeated reschedules after the first reschedule will result in a charge of equal to 50% of the schedule service.  Your deposit will be applied toward the fee if it's greater than $100

  • Deposits and Skincare Products are non-refundable, unfortunately, no exceptions to this policy are permitted.

  • Any service of $200 or more will require a $100 deposit to secure your spot.  We will bill you an invoice through your client portal once it's created and must be paid within 24 hours or your spot will not be secured.  


If you're unable to commit to appointments in advance we recommend messaging us and asking to be placed on the waiting list. When an opening in our schedule occur you will receive a text message notification and will have the opportunity to reserve that time for you.

Bozeman Location

155 Mill Town Loop, Bozeman, MT 58718

 building 2D  

Phone: (206) 537-0211

Gig Harbor Location

11515 Burnham Dr NW Ste 104E

Phone: (206) 537-0211